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Nvidia AI Reading Medical Imaging

Arthur Hanson

Active member
With AI and associated hardware advancing at a blistering pace MIT has called for the end to training radiologists due to technology soon advancing to the point they are rendered obsolete with AI systems able to the job with lower costs, higher quality and greater speed. Nvidia chips provide a platform that will vastly advance the science of reading medical imaging by building a data base over time and being able to put it in a form that becomes more and more powerful as the data set becomes larger, far surpassing what any person could do. AI/ML and the automation that it is bringing on are going to change the work place of professional even more than automation has changed physical labor, for a data base containing information is far faster to build and interpret than building and implementing specialized robotic systems. It will be interesting to see if developing societies implement these changes AI brings far faster than developed ones, since they don't have entrenched special interests blocking or delaying implementation. It's like many developed countries skipped installing wired phones to a high penetration by adopting a far higher penetration of cell phones in undeveloped areas with no legacy interests and structures standing in the way.