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Now Available in Flex Stack Solutionator – Free Form Entry Boxes and Sliders for Positions and Stack Height


Staff member
December 15, 2021 By Cody Wheeler

If you haven’t yet experienced our Flex Stack Solutionator, we recommend you give it a try. This new tool allows you to search through our flexible stacking product solutions using a few simple filters to arrive at a full mated set solution in under a minute. This can drastically streamline the design of your application.

A few weeks ago, we upgraded this application with an easier way to choose your Positions and Stack Height.

We added sliders and free-form entry boxes to each field. This allows users to either use the sliders to choose a range, enter exact figures into the entry boxes, or a combination of the two.

At each step, the results will be filtered down and shown in a results grid at the bottom of the application. With these new filters, it’s possible to narrow tens of thousands of possible results down to just two products (a mated set) very easily.

People like different things, so this caters to both of those user needs.

Give it a try here –

flex stack filters

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