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No longer a Phone, but a hand held AI/ML interface to the world?

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
With cell phones becoming ever more sophisticated computers/interfaces and wearables with 5G access, they have almost unlimited power and memory in the cloud as we see AI,ML of many variations and types create an ever greater variety and markets for almost every type of service imaginable. With phones and wearables adding ever more and varied types of sensors and cameras, the number of uses and services available will be almost infinite and limited only by the imagination. It will be no longer a phone, but our interface with the world. This could even become dangerous if misused as it could be used to judge the people you are dealing with real time with access to not only real time input from phone but able to compare it with their persona and records in the cloud. This could become not only a great resource, but a great danger. Security and wisdom will be required in this Brave New World. You will no longer have to carry keys, ID, licenses, passports or credit cards and ID will be guranteed though voice prints not only for the carrier, but anyone they meet. This could also apply to anything we come in contact with, like cars, buildings, cities, equipment and just about everything else, including people. Judging and interfacing with people we come in contact with may even become a very powerful, but fraught with danger service. The uses and applications just in medical are nothing short of staggering. The ever accelerating advancements in semis, mems, software are only going to add opportunities and dangers to this equation. The "Great Acceleration" that I have been writing about for years is now here with a vengence, we should all beware for with great opportunity, lies great danger. Wisdom will be a requirement, maybe even it can be a service. One thing is for sure, the market for semis will grow at an ever accelerating rate with more needed every day, plus more becoming obsolete at an ever increasing rate needing replacement. Any views, thoughts and opinions welcome and solicited.