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New Search Options Now Available on


Staff member
November 10, 2020 By Cody Wheeler

Samtec sells a variety of different products, from Connectors to Cables, to RF, and Optics. One of our ongoing goals it to make these products easy to find for all types of different users.

Some users like to search by product characteristics, while others like to see a picture. This is why we offer a variety of different tools on the website to cater to those needs.

A new addition to the website makes these search options easier to access than ever before. In addition to our keyword search, the search box now allows easy access to our other search tools, including Picture Search, Solutionator Parametric Search, Cross Reference Search, and High-Speed Cable Builder.

Simply click on the “wrench” icon in the search box for one-click access to these search tools. You’ll then be quickly redirected to the tool of your choice.


Each tool offers a different way to search.

Use Picture Search to browse through a highlight reel of Samtec products. These are the top sellers and a great starting point. From there, you’ll be able to browse quickly through stunning product imagery and light technical information to point you in the right direction.

Use Solutionator Parametric Search to enter physical characteristics of your needs. This will narrow down your search and return several mated sets of products that will work for your parameters. You can even get a 3D model, free sample, and add to cart directly from this tool.

Use Cross Reference Search to enter a competitor part number, and get a list of similar matching Samtec products. You can then research technical information, sample, and add to cart straight from this tool.

Use High-Speed Cable Builder to enter physical characteristics for your cable needs, then choose a product based on your parameters. From there, you can configure your part and quote, sample, get pricing, and add to cart straight from this tool.

Coming Soon​

As I write this post, we’re working on a new way to explore our popular flexible stacking products, as well as exploring ways to beef up our existing parametric search offerings. Keep an eye out for those in 2021.

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