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New Business Models for New Technologies

Arthur Hanson

Active member
Collaboration and cooperation between separate and different organizations are going to be the key to governments, organizations and companies that will rule the future. Old business models are rapidly going fall by the wayside as the "Great Acceleration" takes hold. The organizations that set up structures that speed up collaboration and cooperation at the fastest pace will be the winners by not only cooperating in developing new technologies but sharing a vision looking for entirely new markets and products that are ever more sophisticated and complex at ever greater speed making collaboration and cooperation a necessity and not option. Many companies, especially in the tech sector have mastered this on a scale to build new products and will now have to learn how to use collaboration and cooperation to develop entirely new fields and classes of products.

This is just basic logic of the use of resources of vastly different fields to seek out ways that the combination of their skill sets and vision will create opportunities and markets in all probability they would not create on their own. Collaboration and cooperation will become among the most important skill sets of the future for they will create the most leverage and leave older models in the dust bin of history. This will also require much of education and training to go to a subscription model as many of the needed skill sets change at a rate traditional educational and training systems are totally incapable of keeping up with due to their structure. These new and creative structures will win the game for if no other reason that their ability leverage disparate resources in a way that allows them to each multiply their individual economic, intellectual property and resource leverage off of each other. This will also make use of many of the software, hardware and communication tools the tech sector has given us and we are just learning to use to their potential. Steps that seem large have already been taken in this area and endeavor, but are actually small compared to what we hopefully will see in the near future. Never before has man had the opportunities presented by so many technologies becoming more diverse, advancing at an ever accelerating rate as we have today. The people that can put these opportunities into platforms and then meld diverse platforms together organizationally, technically and economically will become the masters of the future. Below is but one early example of the beginning of this process.

Any thoughts or comments on this issue solicited and appreciated. Also any interesting ways that any new technologies or alternative business models are changing collaboration and cooperation are appreciataed.

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