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New 1.35 mm Precision RF Products to 90 GHz


Staff member
June 7, 2022 By Danny Boesing

1.35 mm product family Samtec

Samtec has released its 1.35 mm family of products suitable for millimeter wave applications to 90 GHz. The 1.35 mm family includes compression mount board connectors (135 Series), cable connectors (PRF13 Series) and .047″ low-loss flexible cable assemblies (RF047-A Series). 1.35 mm products are ideal for IEEE, E-band applications due to their high operating frequency and electrical precision.

Samtec’s 1.35 mm board connectors are the industry’s only vertical compression mount product using the 1.35 mm interface. The solderless launch allows for easy, field-replaceable, cost-effective assembly to the board. Threaded coupling provides superior repeatability and mechanical stability. Microstrip and stripline options are available.

The RF047-A Series cable assembly, using 1.35 mm cable connectors, provides a frequency range of DC to 90 GHz and a maximum VSWR of 1.5:1. It also features a 5 mm minimum bend radius and insertion loss of 5 dB/ft at 90 GHz.

The Samtec PRF13 product is a series of solder clamp, straight plug, or bulkhead jack 1.35 mm cable connectors that fit industry-standard .047″ flexible cable.

Understanding that the interface between a high-frequency, air dielectric coaxial connector and a PCB is complex, Samtec offers technical support for board launch optimization and channel analysis. Simulation and physical test and measurement verification services are also available.

If you want to learn more about 100 GHZ bandwidth connector launches — like just about everything you need to know — check out Wideband RF Launches: Literally, Everything You Need To Know.


In addition to 1.35 mm products, Samtec offers a full line of off-the-shelf solutions suitable for microwave and millimeter wave applications from 18 GHz to 110 GHz. Samtec precision RF products support next-generation technology advancements in wireless communication, automotive, radar, SATCOM, aerospace, defense, and test & measurement. Customization of products, both quick-turn modifications, and new designs, is also available.

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