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Mobil World Congress Canceled, Many Solutions

Arthur Hanson

Active member
The world is changing with the coronavirus and this is but the latest casualty. The question is, how much of an event can be shifted online. Will this event be what it takes to create a VR revolution in events. It seems some events or a portion of them may be able to be shifted to a VR format and or a combination of VR and video conferencing. This should be looked as an opportunity to explore new frontiers and create an even richer experience. What about several smaller centers around the world that offer a combination of video conferencing and VR? This should be looked at as an opportunity to actually improve the experience, lower the cost and increase the effectiveness. It's time to create new and better solutions. This should not be looked at as a problem, but a challenge for the tech sector to change our world yet again as we have done several times in the past and will again change our future. The only limits is our imagination and drive to change the world that has already been demonstrated many, many times with many world changing transitions. It is time to step up to the plate and change the world yet again proving the value the tech sector brings to our lives and the world. It is time in this challenge for the tech sector to show leadership and courage and why we deserve the admiration and position society has given us. This is an opportunity to create something new and fabulous, like the many disruptions we have already created. The corona virus is an opportunity of staggering size and breadth for those who don't freeze up and don't fear a great challenge. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

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