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Less than 20 days after Samsung introduced ChatGPT, the semiconductor secrets may have been leaked.


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Generative AI such as ChatGPT is very helpful to improve work efficiency. Now major companies are considering accessing ChatGPT, and Samsung naturally did not miss it. However, there are still many problems that have not been solved when ChatGPT is used for work. One day, there was a leak of chip secrets.

According to Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics introduced ChatGPT less than 20 days ago, and recently revealed an accident involving the leakage of confidential information, involving semiconductor equipment measurement data, product yield, etc., which have been stored in the ChatGPT database.

A total of 3 incidents involved ChatGPT, 2 were related to semiconductor equipment, and 1 was related to the content of the meeting.

In the example of designing chip equipment, employees of the Samsung DS equipment solution department found that there was a problem with copying while operating semiconductor test equipment to download software. He copied the problematic code into ChatGPT to find the answer, which made it possible for ChatGPT to use Samsung’s confidential information as training material.

Another accident is also from the DS equipment department, and it is also seeking ChatGPT to optimize the code, It’s just that this code is related to the chip yield the third case is to let ChatGPT record the content of the meeting. Although it is not a technical secret, it may also lead to the leakage of the meeting content.
The Samsung DS department only allowed employees to use ChatGPT on March 11. There were three accidents in less than 20 days. It is expected to adjust the policy in the future. This also reminds other companies that ChatGPT is very convenient, but the standard use is still necessary.
It is a public beta, and the docs you sign to enable use clearly says you enable it to use the materials you give it.