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Large Market for Semi/Nanotech, TSM?

Arthur Hanson

Active member
The market in the genetic/biotech offers very large opportunities for semi/nanotech/mems sector to leverage their current research, fabrication and IP into the medical market in a very large way. Morris Chang stated MEMS are one of the largest opportunities for mankind and in this area TSM has an unmatched research, application and fabrication skill set that is unmatched in nanotech. This represents opportunities for medical and the semi/nanotech sectors to form collaborations with the potential to change medical, one of the world's largest markets, in ways most haven't even imagined or contemplated. Collaboration between medical and semi/nanotech companies offer the opportunity for both to even further leverage their IP and manufacturing skills with literally staggering potential returns in a large and growing world wide market. Collaboration to maximize the use or resources is one area where TSM is unmatched and could become a leader in short order. Morris Chang firmly believed in partnerships and collaboration of different interests to achieve outstanding results and has mastered this skill set like few other companies or even organizations. To amortize their wide ranging assets over an even larger base is to large an opportunity for TSM and others in the semi/nanotech/mems sector to pass up. On top of this new opportunities not even imagined will open up as these collaborations get deeper. These collaborations have already started on a small scale with the largest opportunities in front of those that choose to take this path. Below is a link that explores where biotech is going and how the semi/nanotech sector will play a serious part. When a market like medical in the US takes almost twenty cents of every dollar and is mired in inefficiency, waste and many obsolete methods and systems, it is far to large to be ignored for opportunity, economic and moral grounds.

Any thoughts, additions and comments are solicited and welcome.

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