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Keysight Showcases Solutions Accelerating AI Adoption for Data Center and Cloud Service Providers at OFC 2024


Staff member
SANTA ROSA, Calif. March 11, 2024

What: The use of AI is growing rapidly and the race to develop and deploy high-speed, high-bandwidth optical interconnects is a top priority for data center and cloud service providers. At OFC 2024, Keysight will demonstrate its market-leading design, simulation, and test solutions that accelerate the adoption of AI through the validation of high-speed optical and electrical technologies.

"As cloud providers bring the transformative power of AI to life, enhancing productivity across various industry verticals, the optical industry has once more taken center stage accelerating the next generation of high bandwidth, low power and low latency interconnects necessary for AI infrastructure. Keysight is proud with the progress we are enabling in this arena, from physical layer to protocol, from electrical to optical, and from early R&D to production. We have our customers covered every step along the way," said Joachim Peerlings, Vice President and General Manager, Networks and Data Centers, Keysight Technologies.

When: March 26-28, 2024

Where: Keysight Booth Number 3701
San Diego Convention Center

Contact: Paul Erwin to schedule media briefings and solution demonstrations.

OFC Keysight
Learn more about OFC 2024

Join Keysight experts at Booth #3701 for the following demonstrations:

- PCIe® 7.0 technology over optics: Keysight presents a low-power PCIe 7.0 optical interconnect technology supporting emerging large language model needs for higher efficiency signaling using Eoptolink 800G DR8 linear pluggable optics.
- Linear drive optics: Linear drive optical transceivers exhibit lower latency, power consumption, and cost than traditional re-timed transceivers making then an ideal solution for AI applications. This demo showcases Keysight's validation solutions for the CEI-112G-Linear-PAM4 standard on linear pluggable optics, including new measurements such as EECQ (Electrical Eye Closure Quaternary) and new reference receiver equalization techniques.
- 224G TX and RX validation with new 64 GHz interference source: Keysight demonstrates a 224G receiver test with interference tolerance as well as intersymbol interference (ISI) and bit error ratio (BER) measurements based on built-in counters of a SERDES chip. This includes Keysight's new M8053A 64 GHz Interference Source that enables interference tolerance test of receivers that operate up to 120 Gbaud PAM4. The 224G transmitter validation is performed on a 5 nm 224G Phy, illustrating jitter decomposition, SNDR, and Partial Response Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation (PR-MLSE) equalization.
- 800ZR transceiver test: New interoperability solutions in 800ZR, 400ZR, and OpenZR+ optics are needed to address the unprecedented demand for next-generation network solutions that will support future AI needs. For the first time, Keysight will demonstrate signal analysis on 800ZR high-speed coherent pluggable optics from multiple vendors at both the physical and the protocol levels. The demo includes Keysight's Optical Modulation Analyzer to measure physical layer transmitter characteristics to characterize and validate 400ZR / 800ZR pluggable modules. In addition, layer 1-3 testing will be performed using the AresONE 800GE-M Dual Interface Model Network Tester in a single platform for 800GE, 400GE, and 100GE with PAM4 and NRZ signaling, with up to 106.25 Gb/s host electrical lane.
- Pathway to 448G optics: Keysight uses a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation externally modulated laser (EML) running far above current 106/113 GBaud rates to demonstrate the progression to 448G optics by generating signals and test waveforms to 180 GBaud and verifying 200G TDECQ (Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure Quaternary).
- Photonic IC testing: Collaborating with FormFactor, Keysight presents a complete measurement automation and probing solution for photonic integrated circuits (PIC). The demo will show how to verify wafer / die PIC modulator and photodetector designs for optoelectronic S-parameters, S (lambda), and polarization-dependent responsivity / insertion loss using a measurement algorithm to seamlessly control wavelength, biasing, and polarization.

About Keysight Technologies

At Keysight (NYSE: KEYS), we inspire and empower innovators to bring world-changing technologies to life. As an S&P 500 company, we're delivering market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions to help engineers develop and deploy faster, with less risk, throughout the entire product life cycle. We're a global innovation partner enabling customers in communications, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, automotive, semiconductor, and general electronics markets to accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Learn more at Keysight Newsroom and

Keysight Contact:​

Paul Erwin, Americas
+1 248 430–9075

Fusako Dohi, Asia
+81 42 660–2162

Jenny Gallacher, Europe
+44 (0) 7800 737–982

Link to Press Release