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Japan Backs Taiwan

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Taiwan is the key to advanced semi-production and disruption, let alone total destruction, would be disastrous to not only the world economy but our social and political structures. It will be years before facilities outside Taiwan could ever be replaced and this is not just about TSM, but other major companies that call Taiwan home. A conflict over Taiwan would be horribly costly to all and would qualify as one of the worst investments ever made. China would suffer horribly as they would become a pariah and be cut off from many key technologies and the rest of the world would be cut off from Chinese world-leading manufacturing prowess. There will be no winners in a war over Taiwan, only losers. I hope leaders on all sides can grasp this. As an investor, I only see the downside for all and lots of upside if China and the rest of the world invest money in education and production over wasting staggering sums on conflict. As one leader said "It's better to "Talk, talk, talk," than "War, war, war". I hope the leaders of the leading companies on both sides, can make this apparent to the flawed politicians on both sides. If we took the money spent on conflict and applies it wisely, we could make the world a far better place for everyone. War is the ultimate failure and waste of resources. Right now all sides have failed leadership. The resources a major conflict would cost would be the ultimate waste. If we could all work together, the benefits and return could be the greatest in human history. It is time that the leaders in tech and finance to stand up make this apparent to our failed politicians on all sides. Any thoughts or comments solicited and appreciated.

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Well-known member
The ocean and air transportation routes around Taiwan are critical to Japan and South Korea's survival. It's a live or death situation for them.

Both Japan and South Korea have mutual defense treaties with US. I don't see any possibility they will sit idle if a conflict starts.


New member
A bit tricky because of the constitution in Japan's case and the issue of wartime opcon in Korea's case. But in any case, societies rebuild and move on, if war happens, it happens.


Active member
There's a lot of posturing on both sides. With the most significant coming from Japanese former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the constant daily Chinese jet incursions in Taiwan's ADIZ by China. Hopefully, the status quo continues or better yet China and Taiwan can find a way to peacefully settle this dispute without Taiwan becoming part of China. Xi should (but probably refuses to) recognize he lost any chance of peaceful reunification with the way he enforced his authority on Hong Kong.