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It isn't just about Taiwan, but the new world structure tech has built

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Everyone is missing the key point. We now live in a very, very interdependent world where key technologies, materials, and expertise are highly diversified among countries around the world. Tech has made us far more interdependent than at any time in human history. Take semiconductors, materials come from around the world, they are processed around the world, the numerous specialized equipment comes from around the world, the expertise comes from around the world, manufacturing is done in many stages around the world and especially the expertise in the numerous areas required is dispersed around the world. The world is more interdependent than ever before and world leaders on all sides better realize this and act accordingly. China will soon realize this at its own peril. Any country that disrupts these delicate supply chains and world interdependent capital structure will do so at its own peril. Trade of everything is the lifeblood of the planet. I hope all world leaders including those in China realize this. Any power that upsets this system will be hated and endanger itself worldwide. This even applies to the markets which have to be large enough to support the advances mankind requires. No longer can even large local markets support many of the systems we have in place. This also is true of the capital and financial markets needed to support the tremendous advances the world is making. This is not about Taiwan, but the new structure of the world the tech sector has spawned in everything.

No country or even continent can now stand alone in the world that tech is now the foundation of. Let's all realize it is best to collect the peace dividend that is getting larger by the day.
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