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ISQED 2020 - Call for Papers

Daniel Payne


Call for Papers
21st ISQED - March 2020, Santa Clara Convention Center, California

Submission Deadline: Sept. 14th, 2019

About the Conference
A pioneer and leading interdisciplinary conference, the 21st International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED2020) accepts and promotes original and unpublished papers related to the topics shown below. ISQED 2020 theme is Security, IoT, Machine Learning and Electronic Design. Authors are invited to submit papers in following topics:
  • IC and System Design
    1. IOT & Smart Sensors Design and Technology
    2. System-level Design, Methodologies & Tools
    3. Cyber-Physical Systems – Design, Methodologies & Tools
    4. IOT & Smart Sensors - Technology and Design
    5. FPGA Architecture, Design, and CAD
    6. IC Package - Design Interactions & Co-Design
    7. Advanced 3D ICs & 3D Packaging
    8. Robust & Power-conscious Circuits & Systems
    9. Emerging/Innovative Process & Device Technologies and Design Issues
    10. Design of Reliable Circuits and Systems
    11. Design of Embedded Systems
  • Hardware and System Security
    1. Hardware Attacks – Detection, Threat Modeling & Defense
    2. Hardware-Based Security Primitive Design
    3. Trusted Design Automation, Tools & Information Flow
  • Cognitive Computing in Hardware
    1. Hardware Accelerators for Machine/Deep Learning Algorithms
    2. Algorithmic Optimizations for General Purpose Computing
    3. ML Partitioning from Cloud to Sensor-node
  • IP & Design Automation
    1. IP Design, quality, interoperability and reuse
    2. Design Verification and Design for Testability
    3. Physical Design, Methodologies & Tools
    4. EDA Methodologies, Tools, Flows
  • Manufacturing, Semiconductor Process and Devices
    1. Design-Technology Co-Optimization
    2. Design for Manufacturability/Yield & Quality
    3. Effects of Technology on IC Design, Performance, Reliability, and Yield