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Is AI/ML the ultimate wild card? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
AI/ML is set to be the ultimate wild card in human history. Never have we have had to deal with anything nearly as disruptive and as powerful as the AI/ML revolution, even more disruptive than nuclear power, but with far, far less controls or our ability to understand it. The members of the SemiWiki community I know is the best place to start. It sure isn't with our increasingly dysfunctional government that can't even manage something as simple as the border. The AI/ML revolution is far too important, powerful and dangerous to be left to chance. SemiWiki is well moderated and the members cover a broad range of knowledge that relates to the AI revolution and the experience of dealing with the many small and large revolutions the tech sector has wrought. This revolution possess both the greatest opportunities and dangers. I hope this discussion may lead to ways to maximize the benefits and minimize the dangers.
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The AI wild card is now played, Almost everything we touch is going through massive changes and many, many devices, strategies and business and social structures will be rendered obsolete at a speed once considered unimaginable.