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Invest in Tech and Education, Not War, Tech leaders need to lead

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
World leaders need to give their group thinking on utilization of time, human capital, and resources serious thought. War and conflict are becoming less and less profitable for everyone with ever-increasing downside and ever greater consumption of resources of all types. The tech world is giving us ever-increasing power to utilize not only current resources but create entirely new resources and dramatically expand current ones. Current politicians combined with so-called military leaders have become a threat to the very people they say they are protecting.

Tech has now given us extremely low-cost communications with the price dropping every day and ways to increase our resource base with new materials and applications. There are now rapid advances in energy in solar, fusion, fission, wind, batteries, and numerous other areas in energy and its ever more efficient use. Tech is also reducing the cost of education while keeping it up to date and closer to the time of discovery at an ever-increasing rate. The cost of real-time collaboration and distribution of knowledge and the application of it is also coming down at a geometric and close to logarithmic rate.

It is way past world leaders to get past wasting staggering sums in capital, resources, and time on how to advance conflict for the sake of militaries that spread and propagate destruction over progress. Militaries have become a special interest to themselves and like any organization seeking to grow and expand their mission.

It is way past time for tech leaders to make the wise investment to promote the tools and technologies for collaboration in improving the human condition. It's a simple decision, construction over destruction. Tech has given us the tools that are advancing by the day and it's past time to break with the past and hopefully educate those that invest in conflict that it is not only the worst investment, but immoral and will lead to more waste and more destruction.

Education in not only technologies of all types, but its applications is a task tech leaders must take on and is important or maybe more important than the technologies themselves. Any thoughts or comments on how this might be further implemented beyond current efforts are solicited and appreciated.


Well-known member
The stories of TSMC, UMC, and Mediatek is the testimony of what you pointed out "Invest in Tech and Education, Not War, Tech leaders need to lead".