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IntSights Reveals Automotive Cybersecurity Points of Exposure in New Research Report

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Global Threat Intelligence Firm Breaks Down Expansive Dark Web Market for Car Hacking Tools

NEW YORK, October 17, 2019 - IntSights, the threat intelligence company focused on enabling
enterprises to Defend Forward™, announced today the release of the firm’s new report, Under
the Hood: Cybercriminals Exploit Automotive Industry's Software Features. The report identifies
the inherent cybersecurity risk and vulnerabilities manufacturers face as the industry matures
through a radical transformation towards connectivity.

Car manufacturers offer more software features to consumers than ever before, and
increasingly popular autonomous vehicles that require integrated software introduce security
vulnerabilities. Widespread cloud connectivity and wireless technologies enhance vehicle
functionality, safety, and reliability but expose cars to hacking exploits. In addition, the pressure
to deliver products as fast as possible puts a big strain on the security capabilities of cars,
manufacturing facilities, and automotive data.

“The automotive manufacturing industry is wrought with issues, stemming from legacy systems
that can’t be patched to the proliferation of vehicle connectivity and software as consumers
demand more integration with personal devices and remote access,” said Etay Maor, Chief
Security Officer, IntSights. “A lack of adequate security controls and knowledge of threat vectors
enables attackers to take advantage of easily acquired tools on the dark web to reap financial
gain. Automakers need to have a constant pulse on dark web chatter, points of known
exposure, and data for sale to mitigate risk.”

Top Vehicle Attack Vectors:
● Remote Keyless Systems
● Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
● Software and Infotainment Applications
● GPS Spoofing
● Cellular Attacks

To download a copy of Under the Hood: Cybercriminals Exploit Automotive Industry's
Software Features, please visit:

About IntSights:
IntSights is revolutionizing cybersecurity operations with the industry’s only all-in-one external
threat protection platform designed to neutralize cyberattacks outside the wire. Our unique
cyber reconnaissance capabilities enable continuous monitoring of an enterprise’s external
digital profile across the clear, deep, and dark web to identify emerging threats and orchestrate
proactive response. Tailored threat intelligence that seamlessly integrates with security
infrastructure for dynamic defense has made IntSights one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity
companies in the world. IntSights has offices in Amsterdam, Boston, Dallas, New York,
Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo. To learn more, visit: or connect with us on
LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.