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Intel & Qualcomm collaborate!

Pawan Fangaria

New member
A perception that the arch rivals will never collaborate is broken amid this chaotic situation in chip industry. Intel and Qualcomm have joined hand to collaborate and expand their business in WiGig wireless communication technology.

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A detailed report is HERE. Can we expect this collaboration expanding further into another very obvious areas? We know their collaboration failed earlier, but situation and time take turns which bring new perspectives in business.
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So OK - they are collaborating on a solution for the docking problem. So people could take their phone and easily use it as a computer. Isn't it risky for them ?

Because once you can do that, either people prefer phones with intel's chips, and quallcom goes down, or phones with quallcom's chips and intel goes down. Am i missing something ?

Or maybe the thing is that they know the tech is coming , from companies like nitero , for virtual reality [1] - and want to have some control over it , so it won't hurt their business ?

[1]60ghz remote virtual reality @500mw , non line of sight, 4.6gbps , 4:1->16:1 compression , hundreds of usec latency: Wireless Desktop VR May Be Closer Than You Think

Tom Simon

If they both have an investment in WiGig (802.11ad) then it behooves them to work on interoperability, which is what this is about. It would be another matter if they decided to jointly work on chips together. WiGig will be used at close range around the home. It's not going to be a cell phone or long range medium.

Also, remember when Intel was all about WiMax and then LTE ate their lunch. Maybe they are getting much more pragmatic.