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IKEA and the limits of AI

Daniel Payne

So as AI grows commercially the first jobs that humans lose are white collar, then eventually blue collar? Not so intuitive, but it makes sense to me for many instances.

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
This always reminds me of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie's Father loses his job at the toothpaste factory screwing tops on the tubes to a machine. Charlie's Dad then gets hired back to fix the machines. Did ATM's put bank tellers out of work? Yes and no. Someone has to load the money in day and night and they need to be fixed. Some banks have ATMs inside with a teller behind it providing customer service. Last time I rented a car I did it through an ATM like machine with a video screen for a real person to help if needed. It was nice not to have to wait in line!

It is called progress folks..... Either ride the wave or get hit by it, absolutely.