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Here are the February 2023 Samtec Website Updates


Staff member
March 2, 2023 By Cody Wheeler

In February, we rolled out several new helpful features for customers, a new application design guide for our Firehawk™ product, added new testing data to our Severe Environment Testing page, and rolled out several new ways to users to configure industry standard products.

Here are the February 2023 Samtec Website Updates.

Cross Reference Support Page​

cross reference

From time to time, customers come to Samtec asking for a match to a competitor’s part number. While it’s difficult to maintain a full database of these, our customer service team is always ready to help. We have created this dedicated page for customers interested in cross-reference support to get in touch directly with our experts in this area.

Take a look at the new page here –

New Firehawk™ Application Design Guide​


Samtec’s FireHawk™ ruggedized optical transceivers combine extreme density with extreme performance to meet the harshest environments of land, sea, air, and space. The innovative design delivers much-needed
fiber optic bandwidth to a new generation of radar, vision systems, communications networks, surveillance, and reconnaissance sensors.

FireHawk™ is the smallest optical transceiver on the market for reliable operation in extreme applications.

Take a look at our new application design guide for this exciting new product –

Updated Severe Environment Testing​

severe environment testing February 2023 Samtec Website Updates

Samtec Severe Environment Testing (SET) is a Samtec initiative to test certain products beyond typical industry standards and specifications, many of which are common requirements for harsh environment applications/industries.

Driven by demands for high-functioning commercial standard interconnects, SET has proven beneficial in providing performance confidence, not only for rugged Mil/Aero industries and applications but also for Automotive, Industrial, and Medical applications.

We have added several additional tests for this initiative for connectors operating in these types of environments:
  • - VITA 47.1 Module Insertions
  • - VITA 47.3 Humidity
  • - VITA 47.1 Operating Shock Class OS2
  • - VITA 47.1 Vibration Class VS3
  • - Exceeds VITA 47.1 Temperature Cycling Class C4
  • - Exceeds VITA 47.1 Non-Operating Temperature Class C4
  • - VITA 47.1 Electrostatic Discharge Resistance
  • - Exceeds VITA 47.1 Altitude for DWV
Take a look at the Severe Environment Testing Page to learn more about the products that qualify.

Easier Ways to Configure Industry Standard Products​


Samtec is a heavy supporter of many industry standards such as those within the transmission protocols, hardware, interconnection, and sub-systems areas of product development. We have an entire Industry Standards section of our website dedicated to how we work to support these standards with our expertise as well as our products.

In this recent post, you can read about how we have added custom configurator tools for VITA 57.4 and PCI/104-Express standard products.

On each page, you can configure your product, Add to Cart, Check Pricing and Availability, and even request a Free Sample of these products. We’ve also added the same tools to our VITA 42 XMC, and our COM HPC pages.

Upgraded Website Feedback Tool​

marker io

One of the ways we continue to hold the #1 spot for several website categories in our industry is by making it easy for customers to get in touch with us and provide useful feedback about their website experiences.

We have recently added a website feedback tool called to all of This is one of the coolest web feedback tools I’ve ever seen. It works directly in the browser of the user, automatically captures a screenshot, and allows the user to draw on it with very simple-to-use tools. It will then allow them to send us a simple message with reproduction steps. It also sends us a video of what the user was experiencing, so we can see exactly what happened.

Since we’ve deployed this tool, we’ve been able to help several customers much more promptly than we have with previous tools. We’ve also fixed a few bugs that we may have otherwise missed, which helps every user on!

To use the tool, just click on the “Share Feedback” button on the right side of any page on We’ll see your message right away and will have someone follow up.

February 2023 Samtec Website Updates

Coming Soon to​

That does it for now. Thanks for being a loyal reader of The Samtec Blog.
Here is what we’re currently working on, and a few other updates that are coming soon!
  • - Continued upgrades to our new checkout
  • - An upgrade to our search architecture
  • - A full overhaul and simplification of our navigation structure
  • - An upgraded quotes lookup system
  • - And more!
Link to Press Release