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Helping semi start-ups implement analogue circuit designs

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Agile Analog has announced that it has joined the technology ecosystem of semiconductor start-up incubator Silicon Catalyst ( as its latest in-kind partner.

Agile Analog has announced that it has joined the technology ecosystem of semiconductor start-up incubator Silicon Catalyst ( as its latest in-kind partner. The partner status of Agile Analog means that portfolio start-ups in the Silicon Catalyst network can take advantage of Agile Analog’s analogue IP technology, and draw on its expertise in the rapid implementation of effective analog semiconductor circuit designs.

Silicon Catalyst portfolio companies will also benefit from Agile Analog’s participation in its global series of events, and from the opportunity to meet key engineering and commercial executives at the company.

John Hartley, Chief Commercial Officer at Agile Analog, said: “We look forward to helping the Silicon Catalyst portfolio companies succeed in realising their vision for innovative semiconductor products. Now, as an in-kind partner, Agile Analog can work hand-in-hand with portfolio companies to quickly generate application-optimised analogue IP using our programmatic, systematic and repeatable methodology.”

The Silicon Catalyst incubator provides an expert partner to advise each semiconductor start-up in its portfolio, guiding their early development as they move from product idea to prototype to volume production. These partners help start-ups to take advantage of the incubator’s ecosystem of in-kind and strategic partners, investors, advisors, academic experts, government agencies and industry organisations.

Agile Analog will provide highly configurable analogue IP to portfolio companies with which they can implement building block functions such as security monitoring, power management, sensing and signal processing. The Agile Analog process for generating application-optimised IP is compatible with almost any foundry, process and node, including FinFET nodes.

The design flexibility embedded in Agile Analog’s technology is ideal for the start-up companies which Silicon Catalyst supports. Start-ups’ prototypes commonly go through multiple design iterations before reaching final production: the powerful configuration capabilities in the Agile Analog technology enable new versions of analogue IP to be optimised for each successive set of customer specifications, and rapidly compiled for any supported process and node.

About Agile Analog:
At Agile Analog we have brought together a team of industry veterans from the analog, IP and design automation worlds to revolutionise the way Analog IP is developed and delivered. Based in Cambridge, UK, we are growing quickly to become one of the world’s leading Analog IP companies. Using our innovative core technology, we are able to design analog circuits faster, to a higher quality, and on any semiconductor process. We are widening market access to Analog IP in a way that will greatly increase our customers' opportunities to take innovative chip designs to market. As part of a dynamic industry, we are disrupting methodologies that have been unchanged for generations.