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Haawking Will Use SEGGER's emRun (RunTime Library) for its Compiler Tools


New member
Beijing Haawking Technology Co., Ltd., a specialized DSP supplier based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture, announced August 30, 2021 in Beijing, China that it will use SEGGER's emRun (RunTime Library) as its compiler tool, to develop the HX2000 series of chips.

emRun is a complete C language runtime library that can be used with any tool chain. It is used in SEGGER's Embedded Studio IDE, and its value has been widely proven. emRun is a runtime library thoroughly designed and written for embedded devices in order to provide high chip performance in a smaller footprint. In many cases, reducing the code size can make it possible to use a smaller microcontroller and fewer on-chip memories, which will greatly save costs.

The HX2000 series is a real-time industrial control DSP based on the RISC-V instruction set and has integrated high-performance core and application peripherals. It can be widely used in industrial control and motor drive, digital power, new energy and other fields. In-depth optimization in processing, sensing and driving help it significantly improve the closed-loop performance in real-time control applications. At present, the two sub-series HXS320F2802X and HXS320F2803X of this family of products have successfully achieved mass production.

In addition, the HX2000 series also includes a high-performance 32-bit processor HXS320F2833X that will be taped out soon. This series of chips is also based on the RISC-V H28x core and adopts the Harvard bus architecture. The main frequency can reach upto 200MHZ (with a cycle of 5ns). It has up to 45 multiplexed GPIOs with input filtering function, individually programmable. It is also equipped with enhanced pulse width modulator (ePWM), high resolution PWM (HRPWM), enhanced capture (eCAP), high resolution input capture (HRCAP), enhanced quadrature encoder pulse (eQEP), and other enhanced control peripherals. It is shipped with 80-pin thin quad flat (LQFP) package, which can work in the temperature range of -40°C to 105°C .

"For digital signal processing applications, it is very important to use as little memory as possible to provide the highest possible performance." SEGGER CEO Ivo Geilenbruegge said, "With the license of emRun, Haawking can now ensure customers to obtain the best industrial control DSP performance.” Chen Guowei, general manager of SEGGER China, also said: “SEGGER is honored to cooperate with such excellent Chinese chip manufacturers as Haawking. SEGGER’ products will help Chinese chip manufacturers develop and grow their businesses."

Wu Junning, co-founder & deputy general manager of Haawking, also pointed out: "SEGGER has made a lasting and significant contribution to the vigorous development of the RISC-V ecosystem, and is an important driving force for continuing to promote RISC-V towards the goal of more popularization. The cooperation with SEGGER will also provide strong support for Haawking’s research and development. The emRun library has provided excellent added values to our HX2000 series DSP developed based on the RISC-V instruction set, especially the two sub-series HXS320F2802X and HXS320F2803X that have been mass-produced as well as the upcoming high-performance 32-bit processor HXS320F2833X series. With the continuous development of the RISC-V ecosystem and the continuous expansion of our product line, we look forward to the future of many more opportunities for cooperation between both parties. "

About the Author

Mark Chen is a China based freelance IC designer, IT and web developer, and writer in technology, personal and family stories, world affairs, and other topics. He served GE Alstom, Siemens and other multinationals in his earlier career. His current career focuses on IC technology and business, incl silicon IP core design, IC technology authoring, IC and industry portal development and IC technology development reporting. For details refer to his personal site , his site of IC expertise and his IC business site under