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Engineer jokes

Ian Getreu

New member
I guess everyone has their favorite engineer jokes.

EDN recently posted their 5 “best” ones here:
5 great jokes about engineers | EDN
Most of them have probably been heard by most readers, but they are good.

Since we have survived the end of the world, I thought I would post my favorite (or close to favorite) joke.

It concerns an engineer, a doctor and an accountant. The topic arose of which of their professions was the oldest.
The doctor said “If you go to Genesis in the bible, Eve was created out of Adam’s rib – obviously a medical procedure, so medicine is the oldest profession”.
The engineer said ”Nah, got you beat. The very first line in the bible says ‘Out of chaos, God created the heavens and the universe’. Obviously an engineering feat. Engineering is the oldest profession”.
And the accountant just smiled and said “And who do you think created the chaos?”

OK, it’s really an accountant joke.

What’s your favorite?