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Engiant IC Mass Production Officially Launched, New H3C Injects “Key IC” Power into SmartNet


New member
Recently, the New H3C Group, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unisplendour, based in Beijing, China, has officially announced the mass production of Engiant 660, a high-end programmable network processor IC the company has developed itself. The full-scale commercialization of the Engiant series of ICs will help build complete network IC supply chains for the Chinese ICT industry, and will also provide impetus of key "IC" power into the construction of smart networks.

Widely Used in the Data and Communication Fields, Engiant Will Also Accept External Orders

As the only network processor IC in China that supports high-level language programming, Engiant 660 has integrated 256 dedicated processors, with a total of 4096 hardware threads. It also supports 12 LPDDR5 controllers, contains 18 billion transistors, and has an interface throughput of up to 1.2Tbps. Engiant 660 features ultra-high integration, high performance, large capacity, strong scalability, excellent energy saving, etc., and can be widely used in data communication fields such as routing, switching, security, and wireless applications.

Kong Pengliang, Vice President of New H3C Group and President of its Semiconductor Product Line, stated that Engiant 660 will not be restricted to be applied to New H3C’s various internal network products only. Instead, the company will also begin to accept orders from external customers from August 2021 to provide IC functionality for network upgrade and innovation.

In addition, the development of the next-generation Engiant chip has also been started and the new chip is expected to be officially released in 2022. The next generation of Engiant chips will use more advanced process and packaging technologies to achieve the highest performance of smart network processors.

Engiant OS+ Development Kit Released, Fostering the Expansion of IC Applications Fields

As an important part of the Engiant IC system, New H3C Group has also launched the industry's first dedicated operating system for network business processing – the Engiant Operating System (Engiant OS). The newly released Engiant OS features three key advantages: ultra-lightweight, ultra-fast response, and rich management modules.

In order to help developers to use Engiant chips more quickly, conveniently, and efficiently, New H3C Group has simultaneously launched Engiant's complete development kit. The development kit covers SDK(Software Development Kit), PDK(Packet-processing Development Kit), an integrated simulator, and provides a visual programming tool- Engiant IDE (integrated development environment) that supports C language programming, and can also automatically generate recommended codes customized according to user needs. Based on Engiant’s framework codes, developers can develop different functional characteristics based on different services, to meet different application scenarios, so R&D efficiency can be greatly improved and R&D costs can be significantly reduced as well.

The Launch of Engiant BOX: New Era of Software-Defined Devices

In addition to supporting the internal products of the New H3C Group, the Engiant BOX (EngiantBOX) based on the Engiant 660 chip will also be on sale in Q4 this year. The Engiant BOX is a device with 48 10GE/25GE ports + 8 100GE ports. By loading different software applications, users can use it either as routers, switches, security gateways, wireless controllers or other network equipment applications. The launch of Engiant BOX paves the way of a new era of software-defined equipment and helps the industry to freely define their network equipment.

Engiant 's Three Step Strategy Outlines Engiant’s Blueprint

As the core device of network communication products, the network processor chip directly defines the capability boundary of network equipment. Facing the future, New H3C puts forward a three-phase development strategy of "breakthroughs of key technologies, expansion of the IC cloud ecology, and leadership in the digital future" in chip research and development, and is committed to drawing an IC blueprint for smart connectivity.

At the same time, in order to help the development of China's integrated circuit design industry, New H3C and Engiant Cloud are working together to build a one-stop cloud chip platform based on Engiant Chip Cloud 2.0 to promote chip design companies, which is aimed to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve rapid and stable development.

From the breakthrough of core IC technology to the construction of smart cities, New H3C Group is continuously improving the strategic layout titled “IC-Cloud-Network-Edge-End” with its comprehensive innovation strength, and contributes its digital power importantly to the development and distribution of “Digital China”. In the future, New H3C, based on the "Cloud Smart Native" strategy and the "Digital Mind 2021", and adhering to an open, win-win, and growing mentality, will work with partners to create a smart future, and with its IC technology to help various industries to accelerate the digitalization transformation at the smart era, and paint a future world full of intelligence, agility, reliability and security.