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EE Times story labeling everything solid state as quantum is questionable

It is the slow holiday season so I thought I would comment on
a recent EE Times story and a recent EDA Cafe story. The first
is about an MIT claim of making an advance in Quantum magnetism.
The claim should be labeled an advance in "solid state electrodynamics"
because discovery is of a new material's solid state electron flows and fields
properties. Following the same pattern, Spice circuit simulator should
be called quantum Spice because Larry Nagel took Jackson's great
Electrodynamics graduate physics course at UCB and wrote Spice to
model electron flow related electric and magnetic fields in solid state

Second story is from a Synopsys marketing person who discusses
solid state analog property modeling without an analog solver
(using real numbers in a digital simulator). It is claimed that much of
analog modeling requires a Spice type solver, but that is theoretically not
true since all of electrodyanmics can be mapped to real number
mathematical fields (called Hilbert spaces). In fact, that mapping is
basically what Felix Bloch did in his discovery of super conductivity
at Stanford in the 1950s.