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Economic Destruction, Tech to the Rescue?

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
US medical that has little or no concept of efficiency and control may with the coronavirus bankrupting the nation. Estimates of the cost of medical raising as much as fifty percent from the epidemic will take the cost of US medical close to thirty cents of every single dollar. At this point our medical which ranks 37th in quality at the world's highest cost could cause an economic epidemic as bad as the virus itself. Tech transferring its skill for lowering cost and increasing quality at the same time may have the keys for saving the nation. This would involve not only the application of technology at all levels, but also the laws and regulations that special interests have used to raise costs. Tech has proven over a wide variety of areas and endeavors it can radically reduce costs and increase quality in everything from research to application to administration. The whole mindset of the tech sector is totally different from medical, especially in the US. We desperately need this mindset for medical in the US is not only low quality, but dangerous not only to our health, but a dire threat economically to our entire way of life. Hopefully we can avoid the economic destruction that could rival the health crisis that the virus is creating. Some of the greatest gifts of the tech sector are a mind set of ever accelerating results at ever lower costs and this has crept into many other industries, but definitely not US medical, which based on cost and results may have become the greatest threat to our way of life, greater than any enemy we may have ever faced. The medical cost of the coronavirus is already staggering in direct and indirect costs and are still climbing at an exponential rate. If we don't face this threat head on, we may end up with a world we don't want to live in. It's time for the tech sector and its leaders to take a stand and apply not only technologies, but the economic mindsets that go with it. What US medical is advocating is like curing a severe headache with a shot gun. There is no free money and printing presses don't solve problems, even for those that believe in free lunches like the government checks everyone will receive.

Thoughts, additions and comments on these critical issues appreciated, for an open mind has been critical to the Silicon Valley mindset.
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