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Economic Danger Never Greater/Semis

Arthur Hanson

Active member
The US being the world's largest economy, presents a grave danger to the world economy as a whole. The combination of coronavirus, race/economic riots/conflict combined with the China conflict present dangers to everything not seen in years. This is leading to a loose, loose situation for all if not dealt with properly. China with their initial blackout of information on the pandemic and letting foreigners travel home while locking down their country has created a conflict with ramifications beyond what anyone was expecting. The massive unemployment and economic destruction by the pandemic in the US has led to literally the breakdown of our economic and social structure by exposing severe flaws that have existed for years. Educational, military, medical, criminal justice systems that have been dominated by special interests have given us tremendous, high costs and low quality in all these areas and we have major challenges if we as a nation are going to overcome them. I feel the tech/semi sector has the best answers, not only technically, but socially. The tools that semis provide give us not only solutions to the mechanical/physical problems, but the potential to have the transparency and organizational structures to solve the challenges in all these areas. The tech sector is not just about tech, but how to seek out solutions to problems, conflicts and challenges in record time within the industry. It is now time to scale these solutions to the rest of the country and the world.

To take just one example, the semi/tech world has already developed educational and training structures that are totally superior and lower cost with many companies offering free training in their own interest and that of their customers. This offers a win/win/win for the company, customers and people that use the training to advance themselves. It also benefits society by creating opportunities for companies, individuals, society and governments that are unmatched by any other industry or endeavor. This is the type of not only thinking, but concrete action the tech sector has perfected to a scale unmatched that needs to be spread both vertically and horizontally throughout our society.

The creativity and its application by the tech sector that is unmatched. is now more important and critical than ever before. If the challenges before us are not dealt with carefully, timeliness and wisdom, not only will the US suffer, but the world. If ever there was a time to step up to the plate for the tech sector and become true leaders not just in tech, but in society, it is now. With wealth, power, good fortune and just plain good luck go responsibility, now is the time to step up.

Note: I carry a copy of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights with me most times and they are what I consider the greatest documents ever penned by man and this includes even the leading religious texts.