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Easy-Logic Introduces ScanChainECO to Address the DFT Needs of Functional ECO


Staff member
Hong Kong, June 27, 2023 – Serving the critical need to maintain DFT (Design-for-Test) test coverage during functional ECO process, Easy-Logic Technology, a prominent player in the EDA industry's functional ECO sector, announced today its latest offering, ScanChainECO. The new product automatically updates the associated scan chains for the ECO netlist and ensures that various DFT constraints are met, greatly accelerating the ECO turnaround.

"Functional ECO methodology is critical to an ASIC design project, and DFT-related changes are imperative for the success of functional ECO tasks," stated Sean Wei, CEO of Easy-Logic Technology. He further explained, "Since scan chain logic is automatically generated by EDA tools during the design process, designers often have to put in a great deal of effort on tracing scan chain changes to avoid any loss of DFT coverage," Sean emphasized, "Easy-Logic is the only EDA vendor to offer an automatic solution for scan chain fixing. With the release of ScanChainECO, I am pleased that every designer, not just limited to EasylogicECO users, can now benefit from our superior technology.”

About ScanChainECO

ScanChainECO, an extension of the scan chain fixing features of Easy-Logic's flagship product EasylogicECO, is a standalone product designed for both pre-mask and post-mask applictions of functional ECO tasks. It now incorporates flow interface features to allow designers using a third-party functional ECO solution to leverage its powerful scan chain fixing capabilities.

ScanChainECO automatically inserts SDFFs to the registers added to the ECO netlist, stitches scan chains, balances chain length, and adjusts scan chains to meet low power and hold time requirements. These operations are performed based on its physical-aware algorithm, providing an optimal solution for scan chain fixing needs. The interface with third-party tool flow utilizes standard data formats and TCL commands, reducing the integration barrier in the flow.

Easy-Logic Technology will showcase ScanChainECO during the upcoming Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco from July 10th to 12th.

Editorial Contact:

Zewen Liu

Easy-Logic Technology Limited

Phone: +852 6762 1097

Source: Easy-Logic Technology Limited

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