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Dutch/Japanese Model for China/US

Arthur Hanson

Active member
The Dutch and Japanese built a model of cooperation that benefited both, when the other major powers couldn't get past their differences. Cooperation between China and the US could set the stage for cooperation between the two powers that could set the stage for mutual progress far faster than both could achieve by themselves. The current situation is helping no one and has become totally adversarial. I hope the two leaders can work out a model that is not only a blueprint for themselves, but a method of cooperation for the rest of the world. If a framework of methods of cooperating could be worked out, the speed of progress could be very substantially increased for all. At the core of this will be a fair and transparent way of handling IP/Data which can become a world standard instead of the patchwork mess we now have. I hope the two leaders show the world they have the wisdom to master the multiple skill sets of collaboration over conflict, which will be a true test of wisdom for both. Bellow is just one example of how two powers of very diverse cultures were able to find neutral ground to the benefit of both. This could speed progress and prevent a staggering waste of resources. The tech sector has truly closed the physical communications gaps in the world to a degree once considered unimaginable including translation, cost and time. The question now is do we have the wisdom to use these once unimaginable tools.

The bottom line is the tech sector has reduced the cost of world wide communications, translation, computational power, the ability to reference almost anything and soon access to AI/ML through platforms so dramatically is such a short time frame it is beyond our currently ability to adapt and fully utilize it without dangerous consequences. It is not technology we must worry about, but our ability to adapt to ever greater powers given to us at an ever accelerating rate I call the "Great Acceleration" we must learn to master.

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