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Dover Microsystems Announced Free Webinar on the SolarWinds Cyberattack Presentation with Cadence Design Systems highlights how to limit the scope and

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
WALTHAM, MA, Apr 1, 2021 − Dover Microsystems will be holding a free webinar on Thursday, April 15th at 2:00 p.m. EDT entitled Lessons Learned from SolarWinds: How to Limit the Scope and Damage of Software Supply Chain Attacks. Dover’s Founder & CEO, Jothy Rosenberg, will be joined by Cadence Design Systems’ Senior Group Director Solution Marketing, Frank Schirrmeister. Accompanying them will be a cybersecurity expert with over 15 years of experience in Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement, as well as, over 35 years of experience supporting the National Security community.

The presentation will provide more detail about the SolarWinds attack, including how it was executed, why it happened, and the scope of its impact. In addition, they will discuss why the software supply chain is such an attractive target and highlight potential future threats.

“The SolarWinds attack was a highly leveraged attack and had a huge impact.” said Jothy. “While we can’t stop attacks like SolarWinds at its source, we can limit the scope and damage of future software supply chain attacks by protecting downstream embedded systems.” The webinar will highlight the security solutions available from Dover and Cadence that can secure downstream embedded systems and limit the malicious spread of future software supply chain attacks. Dover’s flagship cybersecurity product, CoreGuard, will be featured for its ability to immunize embedded systems against entire classes of attack, including buffer overflows, stack smashing attacks, data exfiltration, and unauthorized data modification.

“While preparing this webinar with Dover, I am getting new valuable insights on security issues,” said Frank Schirrmeister. “It is fascinating how hardware, software, and the various levels of software abstraction need to work together to ensure the scope of future software supply chain attacks is limited.”

To attend the webinar on April 15th, please register here.

What: Lessons Learned from SolarWinds: How to Limit the Scope & Damage of Software Supply Chain Attacks

When: Thursday, April 15th at 2:00 p.m. EDT

About Dover Microsystems

Dover is the first company to bring real security, privacy, and safety enforcement to silicon. Dover’s patented CoreGuard solution integrates with market-leading RISC processors to protect against cyberattacks, flawed software, and safety violations. For more information about the company, please visit

Media contact: Leslie Barthel Director of Marketing