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Do wafer costs vary significantly based on product type?


New member
Hi there, I was wondering if wafer costs vary significantly based on the type of product being produced. For example, if we're building a 28nm product for Logic vs. a 28nm product for power semiconductors (IGBT), will the wafer price/ASP (average selling price) significantly differ between the two?

I'm basically wondering if this chart is a good gauge for all types of products produced on a certain node type (within a range of course, I don't expect it to be exact). In fact, I read that this chart wasn't too accurate at the advanced nodes, but I'm more interested in the price of wafers in mature technology. Thanks!

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Yes, we talked about that a while back. Those numbers are not correct:

I'm not familiar with IGBT wafer pricing, can't you just call TSMC or GF?


New member
They are dramatically different. IGBT processes are much simpler and there is no such thing as a 28nm IGBT any way. IGBTs are typically 600 volts plus and there is no reason to use such small line widths. If you really want to know what IGBTs cost you can buy our Discrete and Power Products Cost and Price model available here:

Was wondering too about 28nm IGBT , our customers use Perkin Elmer 1X masters for such technologies.

Not even reticle , and they do a lot of it!!