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CTIA survey highlights explosive US wireless data growth

Don Dingee

New member
CTIA has just released its 2015 update to the Annual (US) Wireless Industry Survey:

Annual Wireless Industry Survey

Several nuggets of joy in there, keep in mind this is US data only:

- the headline of 10 trillion MB of data, actual figure 9.65T more than doubled over 2014
- wireless-only households approaching the midpoint at 48.3%
- voice usage rising by 17%, SMS down slightly but MMS up by almost 44% (on a small base)

And, a note that 85% of us are overpaying for data plans with an average of 1.6GB per month left. Off to check mine ...
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IMO this is just the beginning for wireless data. 5G will allow cord cutters to ditch the fixed broadband connection and go wireless only for internet as well.