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Cost for Lidar coming down, example of Capital Utilization #2

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
It looks like costs for lidar are about to come down, just like the costs for semi devices have come down in cost. The constant drive to lower costs in all electronics is also driving down cost in many things at an accelerating rate. This also makes planning for obsolescence more critical than ever when making purchases, for now more than ever, many devices become obsolete before their life span ends. This brings up one aspect of capital utilization planning, can the object or device cover its cost before it goes obsolete and what is the price decay if it has to be sold. Also the declining value of what the device does has to be considered in these equations. Life span economic planning is becoming more key than ever and must be considered before even starting a project in these ever moving faster times. As the "Great Acceleration" takes place, resource planing, time decay, speed of obsolescence all have to taken into account at the beginning of any project. These factors will bring on a whole new set of strategies as the acceleration of new technologies and applications pick up speed and makes life span planning for just about everything a priority. This demonstrates just one aspect of how critical capital utilization and planning is and will get even more important as the half life of most things decreases at an ever accelerating rate.



Is there much capital utilisation to begin with?

So far, none of serially manufactured cars went with lidars yet, and will likely never do.

So far, more, and more high end radar systems coming to cars now outsell anything in the lidar land by 1000000:1.

Radars on CMOS don't need specialty foundries. Photonics for lidars does.