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Constantly Adaptive Platforms, TSM, AMAT

Arthur Hanson

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Constantly adaptive platforms are the future of the tech sector for speeding up progress by allowing more people to participate in the development process without having to start from scratch each time a new development is made. Making an adaptive platform real time could speed development even more by making real time collaboration a reality. This will require a whole different mind set from what is now practiced. A continuously adaptive platform allows knowledge to be very highly leveraged by allowing a large number of people to work near the bleeding edge without spending years to get there. It allows the best to leverage their skills and get rewarded accordingly if they can put their skill set in a platform others can use with the greater number of people that can use it, the greater the reward. After a fashion TSM already has done this where they develop processes that are spread over a wide range of products for different customers while keeping their particular IP confidential and private. Be spreading development costs over a wide range of technologies and production methods can offer a customer tremendous value while at the same time delivering one of the highest profit margins in the industry.

Developing a constantly adaptive platform when doing discovery, development and production processes provides the opportunity to greatly leverage every stage of product development from initial idea to customer delivery and even support after delivery. Developing a continuously adaptive platform leverages every step of the process of delivering superior products to customers at ever reduced costs and increased performance. This has been practiced informally at most companies, but making it an ingrained part of the culture like I feel TSM has done has the ability to create an almost unstoppable juggernaut as TSM and other companies that practice it in some form have become. AMAT also practices a form of this by their world wide service organization constantly building on their experiences over a wide range of customers, delivering ever better service and equipment at ever better value on a real time basis.

This same process could radically revolutionize not only research, development and production, but corporate structure by having a a built in education system that would allow hiring earlier in the education process and achieve superior results by leveraging a companies best talent over the entire work force by constantly advancing the platform real time. The tech industry has already done this to some degree as evidenced by constantly improved functionality at ever lower costs.

AI/ML will radically speed up this process by making full use of the coming improvements in memory and processing on top an ever growing mountain of data with almost real time access. Already the companies that are practicing platform building and development are leaving competition in the dust. Hopefully this same process will expand to counter the major problems we have like medical quality and cost. What must be changed for this to really take hold is to have governments dump their old bad habits of very fixed, fenced in systems and processes that have perpetuated high costs and low value.

The constant improvements in the semi/nanotech sector in AI/ML, 5G, IOT and increasingly fast memory will only speed up and expand the already large platforms in business, research, education, social and government in ways most are not prepared for or have even fully contemplated. What we can already see is just a very small taste of what these technologies are bringing at an accelerating rate being fed by compounding feeding upon itself. The opportunities for advancement are almost limitless as is the opportunity for violent and dangerous disruption, as society is just starting to get a grip on.

This is all about maximizing the value of people, time and processes to their maximum potential and needs to be applied at all levels, not just the top. Overcoming old thinking and special interests will be key to making this happen. Hopefully the transparency that the tech sector is creating and expanding at an ever increasing rate, will allow this to happen. In short, business and educational structures must adapt to the speed and acceleration of technologies or get left behind. It is no longer enough to focus on just business or technology, but to meld the two.

Any thoughts, comments or additions solicited and welcome. I feel even forums can benefit greatly from the above process.
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