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China To Biden, We are Equals, Ramifications

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
China is determined to make cutting-edge semis and has made it a priority. They are making a digital Yuan which will cause a sea change in the business world. China has made many very recent military moves. The only hope I see for both sides is to persuade all parties that a step towards worldwide collaboration and cooperation could create an explosion of wealth and technologies to the point that everyone comes to realize conflict is a true loser. Semis have changed the world and politics have not come even close to catching up to the changes that technology has given us. It's time for politicians the world over to embrace the technological revolution for this will benefit all. Tech and the foundation built on semis have given us the ability to create wealth and improve just about everything we touch at a rate once considered unimaginable. No single country can dictate to the world, not China, the US, or any others. It's time to embrace the powers of collaboration and cooperation for the combined power is going to be far more than any individual state can generate and is a far, far better investment than failing, dead-end investment in militaries that will look for conflict in their own self-interest. It's time for tech leaders to engage the political system at all levels for to not to, will be very costly to all. Tech has changed everything and now it's time to embrace this power that has not been fully appreciated or even recognized. No longer can the tech world afford to ignore its impact and let things progress by random chance. China will not go away. Cooperation and collaboration could create far more widespread wealth and prosperity than any power acting alone, it's time to put to use the collaborative and cooperative powers the tech world has given us in just the last few years.
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