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CASPA 2022 Science and Engineering Fair(SEF) Officially Kicked Off - You can still join by July 24!

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
What is SEF:

In 2022 Summer SEF, participants will be divided by 3 groups by their grades -
Group 1: G1 - G5
Group 2: G6 - G8
Group 3: G9 - G12

The competition categories are Math, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering

Total Prize award is $900, Each Group (award for each project) will get as follows
1st Place $100 award (1x)
2nd Place $50 award (2x)
3rd Place $25 Award (4x)

The theme of this year's science fair is Protect the Environment Around Us. CASPA is partnering with ARM Education this year to show off Microbit projects. Two examples here, an Ocean Health Monitoring project for 11-14 year olds and an Oil-spill Cleaner-upper project for 14-16 years old. (More info about Microbit: )

Judging Criteria:
Points for all projects will be scored on a rubric and prizes will be given accordingly. In addition to this, all contestants will create a video of their project, and the most popular one will also receive a prize. Volunteers will create a proceeding summarizing the projects after the fair, count video statistics for the additional prize, promote the science fair by creating flyers and more. Please provide your project Poster, YouTube video, PPT and links by August 1, 2022.

Workshops will be offered every Saturday from 5 to 6 pm PST where professional volunteers will answer questions and offer help on projects.

Meeting ID: 983 5597 3497, Passcode: 0QmNie
Hotline email:

More SEF details and registration on CASPA website:

Registration deadline: July 24, 2022

Let us enjoy this CASPA 2022 Summer Camp together!