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Casio Smartwatch to outsmart others?

Pawan Fangaria

New member
During this CES 2016, Casio has finally unveiled its Smartwatch. Read my earlier blog on Casio's ambition in Smartwatch market - What is Casio's Strategy for Smartwatch

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The features of an Smartwatch are not new to Casio, they had those in different forms in their earlier digital watches. In the past, Casio had a great success with its G-Shock watches.

In this debut launch of Casio Smartwatch, there are sensors as usual with other smartwatches, and in addition there are other features added - barometer, altitude tracker, humidity checker, compass, etc. There are double displays. That's quite a good differentiation. This Smartwatch should definitely ring bells in the headquarters of Apple, Samsung, Motorola,....

Daniel Payne

They certainly have the sport-watch look, however I'd still prefer a smart watch with 360 degree round face, like a conventional watch face, not something that is cut off on the bottom.


New member
Casio is one the best watch manufacturers and I wouldn't be surprised if they took everything a step ahead of their competitors.
Their watches are durable and have along life!