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Capitalism/Freedom Key to Tech Sector Progress

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
"Follow the Money" tells one where progress is made, and the tech sector is attracting money for the unparalleled leverage it has the ability to apply to almost everything it touches. This is attributable to the semi sector that is constantly evolving not only progressing faster, but over a broadening range of fields and endeavors. Capitalism isn't perfect, but the best system for keeping progress not only growing but accelerating. As reality has shown, the freer the flow of capital, the faster the progress and its application. The US has been the clear leader for merging tech and finance into one of the most powerful economic and political forces on the planet. One just has to look at planned economies, whether from the extreme right or the extreme left and the failures to progress at a fast rate of both. The US has been a tech powerhouse, since our founding when the USS Constitution used advanced technologies over Britian's HMS Victory to achieve superior results over a much broader spectrum of operations (any ship it couldn't outfight, it could outrun). I had an interesting conversation with the British ex-military attaché to the US on this subject in London, our wives couldn't believe the two of us comparing wooden warship engineering over dinner. The US has not only not slowed down but is accelerating technology and its application over an ever-broader range. The free flow of capital is key to this progress, and we are now faced with the danger of applying resources to failed policies. Now more than ever we are becoming ever more dependent on advanced technologies not only for progress, but literally to keep the planet viable for life as we know it. The semi sector with its ability to scale and apply resources and knowledge at an ever-increasing rate is not only the key to progress, but our very survival on this planet. Tech, freedom and capitalism are all intertwined and interdependent and must be preserved, inaction is not an option.