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Build Your Custom RF Cable on With Our New RF Solutionator


Staff member
November 18, 2021 By Cody Wheeler

Samtec’s RF offering has been growing at a rapid rate the last few years. From Board Connectors to Cable Connectors, to Cable Assemblies, and a variety of creative problem-solving Original Solutions, as well as our industry-leading customer service and support, Samtec is well-positioned to be your RF partner.

And now, that’s even easier than ever before.

We’ve just released a brand new way to build and configure RF cables on our website, called the RF Solutionator. This application allows users to start with an end option, pair it up with a valid cable option, and then allows the user to configure the rest of the cable using our configurator tool.

From there users can see technical data, and take actions on the part that was configured.

Let’s dive in.

First, Start with Your Connector and Cable Type​

We first present the user with a variety of Connector type options. There are currently 26 different options that solve a wide variety of technical needs.

This is as simple as clicking on the type desired.

rf solutionator step 1

To keep the process and user interface simple, we combined the selection of the connector and cable type into a single step. Choosing any end option from the list will launch a dropdown. This will then present the cable options that are compatible with that selection.

For example, if we choose SMA, you’ll see this list which provides simple semantic descriptions of each cable as well as the Samtec series.

Configure Your Cable Assembly​

Once you’ve chosen your options from Step 1, you’ll be launched into our cable configuration with what you chose.
From there, just choose your remaining options using the dropdown boxes on the left, as well as the cable length slider tool. Your part number will populate in all of the relevant places on this page, such as the Add to Cart button, Get Pricing button, and model generator.

You’ll also get an instant on-screen preview of what you’ve configured. which you can zoom, rotate, as well as see 2D dimensions. Pretty cool.

Get a 3D Model Instantly​

If you need an instant 3D model of your cable, you can generate that using the CAD Download button. Just tell us which formats you need and we’ll zip them up and generate them on the fly for you for immediate download.

View Technical Information, Pricing, and More​

Below the Configurator, you’ll also see a few more key areas of this application. You’ll be able to view important pieces of technical information such as VSWR, Impedance, Bend Radius, Capacitance, and more, as well as Pricing (if available), Availability, Catalog pages, and Prints.

Some products will also show alternative solutions which are standard and stocked cable length offerings that you can get much quicker than one that might need to be built. These can often be excellent time-saving solutions.

Try It For Yourself​

Even if you don’t need an RF cable, we’d love for your to try out this application for yourself, as well as share it with anyone who might be interested in using it.

You can access it at

Coming Soon to​

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and being a Samtec customer. Here is what we’re currently working on, and a few other updates that are coming soon!
  • Continued upgrades to our e-commerce experience throughout the website
  • Continued updates to manage profiles online
  • An updated way to search High-Speed Board-to-Board Products
  • An updated way to build Optics products online
  • And much more…
Keep an eye out for these updates and more coming soon!

Drop your email address in the form below if you want to stay in the loop with these updates, and as well as the rest of our blog content.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for our web team, feel free to send an email at