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Arteris® IP FlexNoC® Interconnect Licensed by Picocom for 5G New Radio Infrastructure Baseband SoCs

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
State-of-the-art Network-on-Chip (NoC) interconnect enables complex high-speed, yet flexible design

CAMPBELL, Calif. – May 12, 2020 – Arteris IP, the world’s leading supplier of innovative,
silicon-proven network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect intellectual property, today announced that
Picocom has licensed Arteris FlexNoC Interconnect IP for use in its upcoming 5G New Radio
(5G NR) small cell baseband system-on-chip (SoC). Picocom specializes in 5G wireless baseband
technologies for open small cell radio access networks.

“Arteris interconnect IP was a smart choice to assist us in overcoming the design intricacies of the
evolving 5G NR standard for our silicon. It is enabling us to manage our on-chip SoC bandwidth
and complexity, whilst allowing us to retain design flexibility,” said, Yingbo Jiang, CEO of
Picocom. “In addition, it has helped us reduce development time, a crucial achievement in the
fast-paced 5G NR market.”

Will Robbins, VP of Silicon at Picocom, added, “Our new 5G SoC architecture is a ‘from the
ground up’ design and the Arteris IP is one of the key components supporting this. Whilst being
relatively practical to learn and implement, the Arteris IP team has provided class-leading
technical support, further enabling us to enhance our implementation of the NoC.”

“Picocom’s choice of our NoC interconnect IP for their 5G base station chips is a resounding vote
of confidence in our technology’s ability to tackle the high speed and on-chip bandwidth demands
of 5G SoCs,” said K. Charles Janac, President and CEO of Arteris IP. “Arteris IP is the only IP
company continually providing unique interconnect technologies that accelerate the development
and increase the performance of these kinds of complex SoC architectures.”

About Picocom

Picocom is a semiconductor company that designs and markets open RAN standard-compliant
baseband SoCs and carrier-grade software products for 5G small cell infrastructure. The
company, founded in 2018, is headquartered in Hangzhou, China, and has R&D engineering sites
in Beijing, China and Bristol, UK. Picocom founding members have significant experience in

leading teams designing baseband infrastructure products. Picocom is a proud member of the
Small Cell Forum, O-RAN Alliance and Telecom Infra Project wireless industry associations.
For more information, visit

About Arteris IP
Arteris IP provides network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect IP to accelerate system-on-chip (SoC)
semiconductor assembly for a wide range of applications from AI to automobiles, mobile phones,
IoT, cameras, SSD controllers, and servers for customers such as Baidu, Mobileye, Samsung,
Huawei / HiSilicon, Toshiba and NXP. Arteris IP products include the Ncore ® cache coherent and
FlexNoC ® non-coherent interconnect IP, the CodaCache ® standalone last level cache, and optional
Resilience Package (ISO 26262 functional safety), FlexNoC AI Package, and PIANO ® automated
timing closure capabilities. Customer results obtained by using Arteris IP products include lower
power, higher performance, more efficient design reuse and faster SoC development, leading to
lower development and production costs. For more information, visit or find us
on LinkedIn at

Arteris, FlexNoC, Ncore, CodaCache, PIANO, Arteris IP and the Arteris IP logo are registered
trademarks of Arteris, Inc. All other product or service names are the property of their respective