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ARM TechCon coming Oct. 29 – 31

John Swan

New member
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There’s a lot to learn at the annual ARM TechCon. I always enjoy the conference. This year I signed up for the free training day – the ARM Accredited Engineer Program on Tuesday, 10/29. There are a variety of registration options, so check out their website, but know that advance pricing rates end October 25. Visit

My 'personal theme’ this year will be to investigate how to use multicore effectively as well as virtual prototyping technology such as at Space Codesign's booth. Anything to do with the ARM cores on FPGA is also of interest to me. What will be your 'personal theme’ this year? Have you registered?

The best way to get a quick listing of the presentations is at the Conference / Schedule builder There you can expand and condense each session independently as you create your schedule.


Tues. 10/29, 9:00am – The New Style of IT
Bill Veghte, EVP & GM, Enterprise Group, HP

Wed. 10/30, 9:00am – Segars vision for ransformative technology in the Internet of Things (IoT)
Simon Segars, CEO, ARM

Wed. 10/30, 4:30pm – The Future of Technology in Health and Medicine:
Game-Changing Lessons For Every Industry
Daniel Kraft, Health Science Innovator

Thurs. 10/31 9:00am – 2 keynotes
John Cornish, EVP & GM, System Design Division, ARM: IoT-It’s the Little Things That Matter
Nandini Ramani, VP, Java Platform, Oracle

A Full Day of FREE Training!
Tues. 10/29 – ARM Accredited Engineer Program

There are 13 Session Tracks:
  • Accelerating Hardware Development
  • Accelerating Software Development
  • Accelerating System Hardware Development
  • Applying New Technologies to New Opportunities
  • Building a Foundation for Safety and Security
  • Creating the Next Gen Mobile
  • Enhancing the User Experience
  • Marrying Software and Hardware in Multicore Design
  • Maximizing Chip Energy Efficiency
  • Next-Generation Networking – Rise of Software Defined Networking
  • Optimizing System Software Blocks
  • Stacking Up for High Performance Design [multi-core design]
  • Taming the IoT Frontier [Internet of Things]

Wed. & Thurs. 10/30 & 31 opening at 10:00am and closing at 4:00. There are 70 Exhibitors!

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Daniel Nenni

Staff member
I'm most interested in the ARM server strategy. I really do think ARM has a good shot at challenging Intel in servers. This is a nice video overview from Simon Segars: