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Apple/TSM Advanced Diplays, AR

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
It looks like Apple and TSM are going into advanced displays for a number of uses including possibly AR. If this comes to be, it will be a game changer and market leading technology for both. This could become a whole new profit center for both companies as this could open up whole new mass and specialty markets that could radically advance how many tasks are done and data is used and collected when combined with the advanced cameras that Apple already has. It presents numerous interesting oportunities not only in AR, but the processing and memory power needed to back up many new uses. Comments and additions on this area and places it may go solicited. Thanks

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I actually overheard a bit from companies who were once trying to subcontract for Apple iGlasses.

The project been started, shut down, and restarted at least 3 times inside the Apple.

The last, much more down to earth, design was shut down because the blocker display tech became unavailable. A Chinese company ran by Beijing university has all the patents in the monolithic microled space, and Apple somehow managed to make bad blood with them.

From what I read in the media, it was very painful for Apple higher ups having to accept that Samsung has a choke hold on OLED displays they will have to use for iPhones. Here, I believe things played similarly with the microled display.

The blocker on the AR display is the power consumption. Only the most power efficient display tech can make one to run off batteries in outdoor lighting conditions. Unless they can somehow work around the patent blockade around monolithic microled displays, their only chance to get into the market is to come up with an new alternative display tech, which I believe is completely unlikely to happen.