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Any WiFi AP chipset vendors left other than Qcom or Bcom?


Active member
Hello gentlemen,

Have anybody been looking on the WiFi AP SoC market recently? Since Qcom bought Atheros, we've been left with only 2 options, and both terrible for the small integrator.

3 year ago, we went with MT7628 seeking a less terrible supplier relationship, and regretted this option even more. So Mtek is also out of selection.

RealTek seem to have dropped out of the race too. They even ship their latest ethernet router chips with WiFi chipsets from other vendors.

Is there any new hope on the market?


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Another find: OnSemi. What they have was formerly Quantenna Communications.

Close to no data on it on the Internet, sales promises to call back, but so far never did.


New member
Here my list of main WiFi manufacturers that certainly have APs chipsets:
- Qualcomm
- Broadcom
- Mediatek (Airoha?)
- Realtek
- NXP (former Marvell)
- OnSemi (former Quantenna)
- Huawei
- Celeno
- MaxLinear (former Intel)
- SiFlower

I add some that might have AP chipsets, but I am not sure
- Intel
- Infineon (former Cypress, former Broadcom)
- Synaptics (former Broadcom)
- Silicon Labs (former RedPine Signals)
- Nordic Semiconductor (former Ensigma from Imagination Technologies)

There should certainly be some smaller I have missed...
If I had to advise, I would say NXP has historically provided good and global customer support, but given that the Marvell acquisition is relatively recent, it is difficult to assume it applies to wifi lines of products too.
Otherwise, I guess smaller manufacturers might be more focused on smaller customers as well!

Good luck with your AP!
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