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Anarchist WILL Hurt Tech sector

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Anarchist and the havoc they are causing will hurt not only the tech sector, but the entire economy. Draining valuable resources of all types to produce a constant stream of negative results is severely hurting everything, including the tech sector. Wreaking destruction and havoc randomly is a waste of human resources on both a personal and societal level of staggering magnitude. These people are not creating equality, but making it far worse. It would be far better to spend time improving themselves for a weak person helps no one and a strong person can help many. The resources wasted on wonton destruction, could have been put to solving the problems instead of creating new ones. I'm surprised so many people of influence in the tech sector and others have not brought the discussion of utilization of resources of all types and instead have put forward capitulation to incompetence. The most efficient use of all types of resources, creates the most winners. This should be the mantra of all. A weak person or organization helps no one, a strong one helps many. The greatest good is to set an example by maximizing the use of resources and help maximize the potential of those around you to accomplish mutually beneficial goals. This, sadly, has not even been discussed and bad things happen when good people stay silent. Maximizing the use of resources, financial, economic, physical and emotional should be a constant goal. My greatest regrets come from when I have failed myself and others and greatest accomplishments when I have helped myself and others. When I have headed a team, helping a member overcome a barrier has been a great source of satisfaction for me and the recipient. I have been helped by many over the years and not asking for help sometimes has also been a regret. Not asking for help at key times has been some of my greatest mistakes. Relationships are everything, emotionally, health and economically and strong people must speak out against deliberate waste and destruction. Mutual success is the best cure for challenges. Deliberate, blind destruction and misuse of resources is the ultimate evil. The tech sector has created the most opportunity, in the shortest time in history and bad things happen when people stay silent, good people step up to the plate and education and training of all types are key. The tech sector has created more ways of advancing yourself at a greater rate for just about anyone, this is the crown jewel of tech sector and sadly few of our leaders are putting it forward. Also you can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. Anarchist and people of destruction should be made pariahs and denounce as such. Let's promote the literally staggering resources everyone has at their fingertips to advance at the lowest costs ever, so that we all will reach our fullest potential. I started out disabled and my wife with a badly scared face(largely corrected by plastic surgery, an early expenditure), huge disadvantages, and we both worked our way out. Standing silent will hurt all.
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It's a bunch of adult children and their existential panic. The police aren't much better they been getting away with abuses for years.


New member
The current BLM protests remind me on the protests in Sowjetunion in the 80s, when minorities, who were living in different republics revolted against the central government (supported by the intelligenzija), which lead to the dissolvement of the Sowjetunion. I wouldn't go so far and predict the end of US, but being born in SSSR, living now in Europe and visiting US lot of times, I can see the unsatisfaction of lower and middle class in US, who get less and less of the pie, the revolt of minorities, support by the US politically correct left-wing (kind of intelligenzija in US). It is just a history repeating.

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
The economic damage is increasing by the day and this is not only damaging the US at an increasing rate, but the world economy by slowing progress in the world's largest economy and may even get to the point of reversing it, which is a major realistic concern. I just hope the protesters don't reach critical mass for destruction and they are not that far away from it. The cost of the damage and dealing with this growing movement by organized anarchist has reached the staggering point. Local government finances and massive damage to businesses could easily push us past a tipping point we don't want to cross and they are dangerously close to. I feel the creative use of technology to lift people is the key and it's also the key to our economic damage. Social media has become a true double edge sword when it comes to the economy and it's well past time to realize social media is a dangerous power in itself when wisdom is removed from the equation and it has been removed for the sake of profits for a few.
The dollar dropping in value and gold and silver going up is a major, serious danger sign. If we even dent the US status as the world's reserve currency, we could be in for very dangerous consequences that could lead to a chain reaction collapse with our staggering debt that's increasing at a staggering rate. I have learned about the bad side human nature first hand by being disabled when I was younger and it can turn ugly fast. Now, immediately, is the time to seek and promote solutions which the tech sector can play a major hand in.
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This is what happens when you pump MSM into your brain nonstop to interpret the outside world - pure hysteria.

Anarchists haven't been outsourcing manufacturing jobs for decades.
They haven't been gutting social services and public education.
They didn't financialize IBM and render it a hollow shell of its former self in the hardware space.
They didn't replace senior technologists at Intel with MBAs and render it unable to compete with TSMC.
They didn't lie about WMDs in Iraq and kill 1M people, displace 5M+.
They didn't cause the civil wars in Iraq Syria Libya Yemen.
They didn't plunder the economy with the 2000 tech bubble.
They didn't do the 2007 real estate bubble either, nor the paper pache bailout that followed.

And they sure as shit aren't the reason America is now a laughingstock getting owned by COVID with minorities getting lynched and protesters getting disappeared by state-sanctioned operators.

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
We haven't had an honest president since Carter. The US system and the anarchist and much of the political system is about a free lunch for all and someone else will pay for it. The US is failing, because in the name of political correctness is accepting and promoting mediocrity through victimhood on one side and protecting mediocre corporations on the other. Government unions have created a mess by promoting failure and trying to call it fairness. We will all fail and suffer until we stop accepting failure and promote brilliance and hard work. Many so called rights groups are about promoting failure and having others pay for it.
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