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Analog Bits Announces Foundation Analog IP Availability on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12LP FinFET Platform

Daniel Nenni

Staff member
Sunnyvale, California, September 24, 2020 – Analog Bits today announced a comprehensive library of foundation analog IP portfolio that is available on GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®) 12LP FinFET platform and 12LP+ solution for artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and high-end consumer system-on-chips (SoCs). Analog Bits silicon-proven IP is available now on GF’s 12LP and design kits are available for 12LP+IP.

The key IP features of Analog Bits offering for GF's 12LP platform and 12LP+ solution include integer and Fractional Phase-Lock Loop (PLL), ring oscillator based PCIe 2/3 PLL, Process Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensors, and Power on Reset (POR) circuitry and LC oscillator based PCIe 4/5 PLL for 12LP+. GF’s 12LP platform and 12LP+ solution offers chip designers a best-in-class combination of performance, power and area, along with a set of key features, cost-efficient development and fast time-to-market for high-growth cloud and edge AI applications.

“Our collaboration with Analog Bits is focused on enabling our mutual customers with proven IP to deliver innovative next-generation chip designs,” said Mark Ireland, vice president of Ecosystem and Design Solutions at GF. “The availability of Analog Bits’ IP on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 12LP platform and 12LP+ solution enables customers to further differentiate their products in AI, cloud, and high-end consumer applications.”

“GLOBALFOUNDRIES has been a good partner for Analog Bits,” said Mahesh Tirupattur executive vice president at Analog Bits. “We are excited about the adoption and usage of our analog IP portfolio on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ most advanced FinFET platform to address evolving AI requirements and the growing applications creating urgent demand for highperformance SoCs.”

Analog Bits’ Mahesh Tirupattur will be speaking at GLOBALFOUNDRIES 2020 GTC, a virtual event on September 24. The presentation titled “Foundation Analog IP for Hi-Rel and Hi- Performance SoCs” will cover system clocking solutions for high performance SoC’s, PCIe power and system benefits with integrated clocking, sensors and novelty of new system solutions and silicon results for the aforementioned IP.

To learn more about Analog Bits’ foundation analog IP, visit

About Analog Bits
Founded in 1995, Analog Bits, Inc. (, is the leading supplier of mixedsignal IP with a reputation for easy and reliable integration into advanced SOCs. Products include precision clocking macros such as PLLs & DLLs, programmable interconnect solutions such as multi-protocol SERDES and programmable I/O’s as well as specialized Sensors.

With billions of IP cores fabricated in customer silicon, from 0.35-micron to 7-nm processes, Analog Bits has an outstanding heritage of "first-time-working” with foundries and IDMs.