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Alphacore Joins Forces with Quantum Leap Solutions to Bring World-Class Design IP to the North American Commercial Market


Staff member
Tempe, AZ (June 29, 2022): Alphacore, Inc, a leader in analog, and mixed-signal, and RF IC design intellectual property, has enlisted the services of Quantum Leap Solutions (QLS) through an exclusive agreement to sell and distribute its state-of-the-art products to leading technology companies across North America. Alphacore is seeing strong worldwide demand for the best-in-class, high speed and low power data converter technology across rapidly expanding markets such as 5G, Wireless, RF, Satellite Communications, and automotive Lidar, Radar and advanced driver assistance, and artificial intelligence-based industrial controls. Through its partnership with QLS, Alphacore will now be able to support the growing demand emerging in these markets.

“Alphacore is seeing dramatic growth in our worldwide business and we wanted to partner with only the best to help accelerate our growth in North America,” said Dr. Esko Mikkola,, Alphacore’s Founder and CEO. “QLS’ team of experienced professionals comes to us with an exemplary track record of customer satisfaction and is in a perfect position to introduce and sell our products to leading edge companies through the U.S. and the rest of North America. We are fortunate that our product lines dovetail perfectly with QLS’ existing businesses so we can immediately get our collaboration into high gear.”

“QLS is very excited to collaborate with the impressive Alphacore team,” said Mike Ingster, Founder and President of Quantum Leap Solutions. “We have seen a dramatic growth in opportunities for gigasample-class data converters in RF and mmWave-based systems for Alphacore’s silicon proven IP solutions. With our focus on Automotive Lidar / Radar, 5G, Broadband Wireless, WiFi and IoT markets, Alphacore’s high performance data converter expertise is a great addition to our mixed signal IP solutions. The Alphacore product line is a welcome and highly complementary addition to the lineup of solutions that we offer our customers.”

About Quantum Leap Solutions

Quantum Leap Solutions is a technical sales representative firm with offices in San Jose, Los Angeles, Austin, and Boston. With an average of over 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry, the QLS team are trusted advisors to companies designing SOCs and ASICs. QLS’ mission is to help companies successfully complete their SOC and ASIC designs utilizing its proven ecosystem of IP, Services and Semiconductor Manufacturing solutions.

About Alphacore

Alphacore Inc., founded in 2012, is located in the innovative Silicon Desert of Arizona’s technology center and is known for its innovations in rigorous data conversion microelectronics. Our verified high-speed, low power data conversion IP products available on latest technology nodes optimize time-to-market for demanding commercial or radiation tolerant specifications.

Our engineering and leadership team combines long histories of delivering innovative data converter, radio-frequency (RF), analog and mixed signal products, and complete imaging systems for critical systems, through business success at companies from multi-nationals to startups. Our design team includes seasoned “Radiation-Hardened-By-Design” (RHBD) experts, and we specialize in designing high performance converter microelectronics, and reliability or authentication tools for niche needs of demanding segments, including scientific research, aerospace, defense, medical imaging, and homeland security.

Media Contact:

Rusafa Shahreen,

Link to Press Release