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AI Set to Radically change medical, US must lead

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
AI is set to change medical at a pace that previously thought impossible. From making new medical discoveries to the automation of everything in medical the changes are coming if not initially in the US, in other countries. For the first time in history medical robots will soon become superior to humans in discovery, examination, diagnostics and surgery. The US medical establishment will not to able to fight this trend for it will be worldwide. Robotic surgery is just in its early stages around the world and if the US doesn't get on board other economies will bypass the US which spends twenty cents of every dollar on medical. The Chinese, which have a shortage of good medical and doctors will lead the way and have already started to automate much of their medical. With medical costs rising as the world's population ages, the countries that don't get on this trend will suffer economically not only from the cost of medical, but the health and productivity of their workforce. The US must get on board with this trend or we could easily fall behind economically as other countries use automation in medical to improve and maintain the health, lifespan and productivity of their respective workforces. Medical will become on of the largest markets for AI and automation at every level. I hope the US becomes a leader and not a distant follower with medical consuming twenty cents of every dollar directly and not keeping our workforce up to par, putting additional costs on the US economy. This is a contest the US cannot afford to lose if we want to stay the leader. Semis will be key to this challenge as will politics.

Any thoughts on the companies and organizations that will become the leaders in this area, either domestically or abroad would be appreciated.
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