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AI/ML will drive Semi demand, The automation of everything

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
Phones and PCs ecosystems will not drive semi demand as only updating is now needed, it will be the automation of everything from medical, transportation. manufacturing and services. AI/ML will open more opportunities and changes to society than any trend or technology in human history. This trend will come with massive social changes as our economics of everything change. Even farming with advanced harvesting equipment and automated laser weed control system now in use is still in its infancy around the world. Everything we touch will be changed and automated. Construction is the next large frontier for automation with panelized construction and 3D printing of buildings not just out of concrete, but other materials. Already the Japanese have been building housing using panelized construction including Honda among others. The trend of automation of everything from construction to surgery to all transport will provide ever growing markets for semis of all types from processing, memory and sensors of all types. In the future this will enable even the 3D printing of body parts. Automating restaurants is just one area of automation in its early stages with table terminals now common. Saying the semi growth is limited, is only the limit of imagination and creativity. This is just a short introduction and not the whole potential of the semi sector. There are huge, large and small markets that are still largely untapped for semis of all types. Advanced 3D printing alone is still in the very early stages of development. I could go on and the potential is almost limitless for semis, materials and almost everything we touch or do. An open mind is required to see this. Being an avid reader of science fiction in my younger years helped. Limits many times are mind sets we or others put on ourselves.
Yes, that is panelized construction and there is also modular construction which takes the process many steps forward with much wiring, plumbing, doors, windows and everything done in a factory or temporary limited construction zone set up with specialized construction tooling. Also, full blocks can be trucked in from a factory and just put in place by crane with finishes and utilities in place and just needing to be hooked up. Warren Buffett has invested in this process years ago and it's coming into play for the companies that have the resources and markets to support it. These factories are highly automated, but still require people like a highly automated auto plant like Tesla where specialized equipment makes a whole single piece side panel for the car. I tried to invest in the two companies that do it, one in Canada and one in Italy, sadly both private. They also use special alloys in these one piece side and other panels that greatly reduce the part count. Tesla is a true leader in advanced manufacturing.