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AI/ML, Process more valuable than Conclusion, TSM, Salesforce?

Arthur Hanson

Active member
The rise of AI/ML is going to totally change the structure of platforms in the R and D space. As new areas of development are entered, mapping the process will become far more important than the conclusion with the development of sophisticated platforms that will have the capability of creativity when the process is mapped out. This will also enable a company to greatly leverage its human capital by the ability of working with the platform to leverage the best and the brightest substantially more than they are currently. These platforms will behave more like living researchers who constantly advance their skill set and give leverage by eliminating duplication of efforts and creating the potential of vectors branching off each advance, further giving the opportunity for ever greater leverage. Working with AI/ML in building literal knowledge engines will give companies that not only create knowledge, but incorporate not only the knowledge, but the process into the platform for not only human capital to work with, but AI/ML to make its own discoveries as has already been done. This has already been done in the drug discovery area with a robotic system developing a new drug on its own.

There can be no doubt many companies are moving in this direction of constantly adapting platforms that fully integrate AI/ML into the platform that will greatly speed up the discovery/development process. At the very least it will allow a company to leverage its very best and brightest to the rest of its human capital. This will turn the whole current educational and R and D process on its head as the companies that move in this direction engage "The Great Acceleration" to move at a pace that competing structures have not even a hope of keeping up with. This will benefit companies that have already gone to the foundry model where they spread the power of their advances over an ever broader base of an increasing workforce and customer base. This process has the power to totally up end our educational and business structures in a way few have even imagined. Some companies are already doing this, but have no urge to elaborate on it, since it is such a competitive edge. My personal opinion in many of the high power companies in the tech world are already on this path to at least some degree and a few have advanced to the degree they are using it themselves and have integrated even their partners into it like I feel TSM and Salesforce have done in totally different areas, even if they don't label it as such.

We are truly entering a brave new world where long held ways of thinking, organizing, advancing and working with knowledge are going to make the current system as obsolete as cell phones made pay phones obsolete to give but one example. "The Great Acceleration" is here and the tech sector is at its epicenter and many traditional structures and institutions are going to be left the choice to either adapt to this very rapid, radical change happening at an ever accelerating pace or die. It is going to very important to be inclusive in this for those that are left out, will become as obsolete as the pay phone. The opportunities are even greater than the dangers, wisdom will be required. Maximizing the potential of ourselves and those around us, from the disabled to the genius is the greatest good.

The most interesting area among many is the intersection of the foundry and EDA models that I have noted in the past, although this is going to spread to almost everything we touch and interface with. This is like a race where the finish line is moving farther away and you have to move faster than the finish line is moving to stay ahead. The world is about to experience "The Great Acceleration" on steroids.

Any thoughts, views, comments appreciated. Also information on any companies moving is this direction would be appreciated.
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