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AI/ML/Platforms, The Next Revolution

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
With processing power, memory, and high speed communications with data centers, the next big battleground won't be military action, but the power that can create a vastly more efficient way of acquiring and using knowledge and resources on a scale not imagined by most. The days of everyone entering a trade or profession are going to change dramatically as using platforms that constantly update and train themselves using big data will make obsolete the current costly, inefficient ways and methods that currently exist to train not only people but automation and machines. Instead of training masses as we do now with a significant portion of the knowledge being obsolete before it even has a chance of being used will be replaced by leveraging the best and the brightest using platforms that update in real-time just like some software is now. This will cut down the training time and cost dramatically and significantly lower the cost of everything especially in professions like medicine where many doctors have told me they have no hope of keeping up with the latest advancements and I should do my own research since I have the time and expertise to do it. I did this with my wife's knee surgery and the doctor checked it out, but the studies were already underway. This will be handled just like automation where updates are made constantly, improving the processes where they are applied in ways from reducing time, making a better product, and using fewer resources. Our curent ways This will be the next great mega-market for semis, giving a very long runway for expansion. Special interests will definitely do everything to protect their special interests and turf. The organizations and governments that embrace this revolution will win and those that don't will only win by exploiting and abusing everyone else for their self-centered benefit as we are currently seeing in many fields.

Just one example of the power and intelligence of chips is the automobile where the chip content has gone from 4% of the cost to 20%, enabling autos to do functions no human could do.
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I think the word "knowledge" is wrong. You mean searching data for predetined patterns.
Example is Wallstreetbets type Robinhood traders taking money from high
frequency trading and wall streeet firms with exactly the described type of
real time access to all available data and instant updating. Skilled people are
better pattern recognizers than any algorithm.


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I doubt this all AI will make a difference at all.

If it was so cool, more people would've been buying them. So far all the mammoth tapeouts of all these AI startups only led to them growing their inventories of these super-expensive chips nobody can do anything useful with.