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AI/ML as a Weapons System

Arthur Hanson

Well-known member
The potential of AI/ML becoming a weapons system in its own right should not be overlooked. From launching sophisticated cyber-attacks to using social media as just a start the potential of AI/ML as an instrument of war has barely been tapped. Fed enough data, AI/ML could bring a whole new realm to the art of war, in many ways we haven't even imagined. Just the speed at which AI/ML can operate, plan and create options most defense organizations haven't even thought of presents some very dangerous scenarios. As intelligence is added to more and more weapons systems being able to integrate AI/ML into warfare will become a key skill set. One area is sleeper weapons that once planted can wait indefinitely for highly targeted opportunities, like mines in the sea or on land that can wait for years, can be activated and will only look for the signature of a specific target. AI/ML like other assets will play an increasing role in warfare. Disrupting an opposing countries financial system also opens up new opportunities for AI/ML to become a very destructive weapon of war. Any thoughts, comments and additions welcome. It's already past time to prepare for entirely new methods of warfare that will inevitably come out of the tech sector whether we like it or not. It's not a matter of if, but when.
Maybe can create alternate realities where wars can be fought virtually for those that want it , and there can be multiple realities from multiple outcomes.
Nobody need die in the "real world"
Just imagine a massive cyber-attack launched on all fronts simultaneously? It today's society it could bring things to a grinding halt while also inflicting major financial and physical damage. We are becoming more exposed to this reality every day as our societies are ever more connected and rely on technologies more than ever before. It's only a matter of time and scope, for it has already happened on very small limited scales around the world. Just imagine a cyber war launched on all water, power, business, communications and financial systems on the same day on a nationwide scale that a data center could do. Any thought or comments on how to mitigate this danger would be appreciated.
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